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Unaccompanied Children

Unaccompanied Children

Policy for Unaccompanied Children

The following policy has been developed for the safety and well being of children when travelling on our route services.

  • Children must be instructed not to leave the coach en-route without approval of the driver.
  • No responsibility will be accepted by the company for unaccompanied children while in transit, however all due care will be exercised.
  • Person/s meeting child/ren at destination must be advised to be waiting by scheduled arrival time at destination location and to remain until coach arrives. Further, if person/s not there when coach arrives it will proceed to next manned police station, leave child/ren in their care, then continue on its journey.
  • Letter of authority form to be handed to company representative at time of boarding coach then to be carried by driver for reference if needed.
  • Children travelling as part of a school / SAPSASA / common interest group, under adult supervision, are exempt from this policy.
  • Children up to and including 9 years must be accompanied by a person 15 years or older.
  • Children aged 10 to 14 years inclusive will be carried provided a letter of authority form is completed before departure.

Age 0-9 years

Will not be carried unless accompanied by a person 15 years of age or more.

Age 10-14 years

Will be carried provided they bear a Letter of Authority from a parent or guardian. These are available from any Stateliner Terminal or Coach Captain or can be downloaded here.

View and download Unaccompanied Child Form  (PDF File- Acrobat Reader required)


NOTE: While every care will be taken, no responsibility will be accepted by the Company for unaccompanied children whilst in transit.

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