Luggage Allowance

  • Free allowance is two items of personal luggage per passenger where each item does not exceed 75cm in length or 20kgs in weight.
  • Items in excess of this are referred to as Excess Luggage.
  • Pushbikes, surfboards, golf clubs and buggies are also classed as Excess Luggage regardless of any other luggage carried or not.
  • Excess Luggage is subject to space availability and may be required to be carried on another service.
  • Excess Luggage will be charged at Stateliner’s standard Excess Luggage Rates.
  • Please consider the need for your own personal travel insurance as our liability to you is limited. Travel Insurance could cover things like travel cancellation, as well as delayed, damaged or lost luggage items.

Excess Luggage Rates

Desciption of Luggage    Amount
Per Item to a maximum of 4 items (not more than 20kg each)       $20.00
Pushbikes - assembled     $30.00
Pushbikes - disassembled     $20.00
Surfboards     $20.00
Golf Clubs and Bags       $20.00
Golf Buggies       $20.00
Tool Boxes (up to 20kg)       $20.00
Swags (as additional luggage)       $20.00

Note: Any items not listed above will be carried at Stateliner’s standard Freight Rates.